Obsessed with seeds

It is ALL about the seeds at the moment. Having cleaned the greenhouse inside and out and replaced the panels that had popped out, I am now obsessively planting seeds. And then deciding I haven’t planted enough and planting some more. If they all germinate, I am going to need to find homes for a lot of plants.

I have planted in the greenhouse;

  • sweet peas in toilet rolls to encourage the deep rooting that is required. I need them for my ‘wall of sweet peas’ I am planning to create to soften the new fence panel that has gone up to hide the ugly new oil tank,
  • some penstemons – man, those seeds are TINY! I have to confess I did get a bit bored and liberated some into the garden to fend for themselves….
  • courgettes – cannot get enough of these in the summer,
  • butternut squash – no justification required,
  • chilli peppers – as many as I can. As well as eating lots they also make ace presents,
  • and new for this year… kalettes. I have not come across these critters before but they sound adorable. A cross between Brussels sprouts and kale. What’s not to like? Although there will be the issue of protecting them from the cabbage whites, presumably… I lost all my cabbages to them one year.
  • leeks, cavolo nero and runner beans to follow…..
The first lot of seeds are in. There will be more….

And outside I have put in some rocket and lettuce. I have used chicken wire as makeshift protection from the cat and the naughty pigeons. I love the little plastic tags that come with Johnsons seeds for labelling.

So what else is new? Well the patio pots have all been top dressed and very smart they look too. As well as providing a new source of nutrients for the plants. Raised beds have been repaired, the roses have had a severe pruning and the lawn has had its first cut of the year. I do love a neat lawn. It makes such a difference to the overall look of the garden, I think. The forsythia is out and looking lovely which, with the blossom, the daffs, the hellebores and the primulas is creating a mini riot of colour. I am feeling a tiny bit smug as I think I might just be getting a feel for the importance planting for year round colour and interest….

Just some of the things making the garden a brighter place at the moment….

Next weekend, onion sets will go in as well as potatoes in sacks (I don’t have enough room for them in the raised beds). It is a busy and exciting time in the garden at this time of year. There is such a sense of expectation. I love it!

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